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Product Development using NX-AddOns: Discover the invenio-Technology

invenio Virtual Technologies is the leading supplier of technology for digital product development. With the VT-DMU software, which was awarded the German Innovation Prize in the medium business category in 2016, invenio offers its customers a multitude of features and interfaces that can be integrated, modified and used specific to the customer’s requirements. The software toolkit includes features like data reduction, geometric difference calculation, expansion planning and spacing (strip) as well as collision calculation.

The Daimler suppliers also benefit from this technology. Since the release 17.1 the invenio-Band-Analysis has been available. With the newest release 18.1, three new features have been added: invenio-Difference-Analysis, invenio-Envelope-Generation (Reduce) and invenio-Envelope-Generation (Offset).
The prerequisite for using these features is a rental license from invenio. Please note that the NX-AddOns are exclusively available Daimler to suppliers.

invenio-Band-Analysis – The well-known NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

invenio-Band-Analysis – The well-known NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

With the NX-AddOn invenio-Band-Analysis you can analyse distances between components or assemblies. By doing this, you can ensure compliance with Daimler AG’s quality specifications. Band-Analysis is a helpful and supportive tool for development work. It calculates and visualises critical distances between individual components or assemblies. This feature is only provided in NX using AddOns and simplifies the operator’s work in the construction and packaging. invenio-Band-Analysis generates result flat areas and a minimal clearance line. The flat areas indicate those areas where the critical clearance specification is not met (red) and clarify which parts of the geometry are within tolerance (yellow). The value of the smallest clearance is also shown in the minimal clearance line. Recorded results are available at all times through archiving the calculations in the PDM system.

invenio-Difference-Analysis –The new NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

With the NX-AddOn invenio-Difference-Analysis you can compare two components regarding geometric deviations and differences. Difference-Analysis is a helpful and supportive tool for quickly analysing the structural changes in development work. Two components are compared against each other at the press of a button. The precision with regard to the deviation is set by selecting the threshold value. The geometric differences are calculated and immediately displayed using a variety of colour assignments. The default settings are that the deviating areas for the first component will be coloured green and those for the second component will be blue.

invenio-Envelope-Generation (Reduce) – The new NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

With invenio-Envelope-Generation (Reduce) you can reduce the amount of data by removing information and simplifying the geometry. The protection of information provided by this is another additional feature for the user. Only the external contours of a component or assembly are retained in the resulting model. Several options affect the results with regard to the targeted reduction of data: The component structure and colour can be retained or removed. Specifying a maximum deviation for the simplification of the surfaces will also affect the size of the resulting geometry. You can use the 'Reduction' feature to reduce the amount of data for a motor by up to 90%, for example. This makes faster visualisation possible for DMU motor inspections in the overall context of the vehicle.

invenio-Envelope-Generation (Offset) – The new NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

invenio-Envelope-Generation (Offset) – The new NX-AddOn for Daimler AG suppliers

With invenio-Envelope-Generation (Offset) you can generate offset geometry. This is accomplished by thickening the component or assembly. You can choose how heavily the model will be thickened and the precision used to maintain the value. This has a definitive effect on the quantity of data in the resulting model. One example of its application is thickening the dynamic envelope of the path for the insertion of a motor while joining motor. The sufficiency of the area for the insertion of the motor is ensured or analysed by an offset of 10 mm or more. Without the distances taken into consideration by this, there will be difficulties during the physical insertion process (such as damage to surrounding components).


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